If you are looking for soft cherry brown lenses, Ann365 AddChoco

I thought the color would be dark because the graphic was thick, but when I put it on, it turned out like a cherry brown color, so it was easy to wear❤
There are 2pcs in a pack as a monthly wearable lens.
Adchoco is a dark chocolate color!!!
It looks dark brown, but when you wear it, it develops a bright and soft color, so it is a lens that is not burdensome at all, so I think it would be good to wear it with any look and any makeup *_*
Ann365 Add Choco is suitable as a daily lens~♥
It's pretty because it's not noticeable and it naturally grows my eyes. It's a lens I use every day these days.
If you wear lenses, your eyes will naturally be bigger. ♡
It is recommended as a student lens and interview lens.
The color or saturation is not high, and it is calm and makes the atmosphere subdued :)
Unlike regular chocolate-colored lenses, would you say that something makes your eyes stand out more by making them look three-dimensional?
I've heard a lot from people around me saying that this lens is really natural and pretty :)
😍The colors I've worn are Add Brown, Add Chocolate, and Add Gray. Natural and graphic pretty lenses are brown, really naturally pretty lenses are chocolate, and gorgeous, pretty and not too much gray!
I'm going to try wearing pink this summer. ❤

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