Recommended Color Lenses - Mysterious Ann365 Buttercup Grey

I've been wearing lenses since I was a student, but even if I tried to change them to transparent ones, I couldn't get out of the charm of the color. So, I wear it every time I go out.

I would like to recommend Ann365 Buttercup Color Lenses that have a mysterious yet emotional mood. It is more attractive because it is a unique color rather than a common color.​

When you wear it, your eyes look pretty and you don't have to worry about the hula phenomenon. It's not too bad to wear, so I recommend it.

The one I'm wearing is -2.75. There was only monthly this product, but this time, they said that a one-day product came out.​

Monthly is also good, but I think it would have been a bit disappointing for those who prefer One Day.
But this time, they said it was released as a one-day. I think you can choose the color according to your taste.

Among the Ann365 Buttercup color lenses, my preference was gray.

It's not just a gray color, but a brown color is added in the middle, so the gray light shines subtly.

I put it on the back of my hand to check the graphics, and it was not an ordinary gray color, but a brilliant color, so I was excited before I even tried it.​

I was curious about how the combination of gray and brown would look when worn.

My eyes are light brown. It had a natural color that was neither too dark nor too light.​

When I wore the gray color, I felt that the border was thicker, and the middle pupil was brown, and the overall atmosphere had a gray color.

The Graric diameter is 12.9mm, so when you wear Buttercup lenses, your pupils will be larger than your original pupils.​

When your eyes are bigger, your features become clearer and you look prettier. This is why I wear colored lenses with a large graphic diameter.

I felt moist when I wore it, and there was nothing stuffy or uncomfortable even if I kept wearing it. And there was no hula phenomenon, which is important when choosing lenses.

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