Recommended Daily Gray Lenses :: LensVery Deep Shine Gray

Recommended Daily Gray Lenses :: LensVery Deep Shine Gray
LensVery Deep Shine Gray
BC 8.6 / DIA 14.0 / G.DIA 13.2 / $15

This is a lens I wear for 1 month :)
The frequency is supported from 0.00 to -7.00.
When you only look at the lens, the gray color that is almost white is in the middle, and the yellow color is inside.
I feel like this when I wear it!
From a distance, the color comes up so naturally that it just looks like my own eyes!!

There was no hula or foreign body feeling, and it is a lens that can be worn comfortably without dryness or discomfort even if worn for a long time. It's comfortable at work, so I wear it often these days :)
A lens that suits you very well even without heavy makeup!
Almost only the edge of the pupil glows in gray, and the inside also glows in yellow, so it's good for office workers to wear on a daily basis!

Deep Shine Gray with a more subtle color than the photo!
I recommend it if you want a natural lens like my pupils :)

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